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How a Good Property Manager Handles Water Damage Disasters Effectively

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

Drying Wood Floors SERVPRO using Injectidry to dry wood floors in Baton Rouge

All great property managers know that a water damage is going to happen on their properties eventually and oftens times more than once and managing the restoration process can sometimes be a nightmare. When you have tenats that get displaced or your property has a large loss of revenue those can defintely be big problems but a much bigger problem is when you have a water loss that is handled improperly and the effects of that failure cause secondary damage, structural damage or even in some cases mold and microbial growth that scares away potential clients. A good property managers main job is to maintain the value and reputation of their properties and the only way to do that efrectively is to consistently win the small battles with water intrusions, storm damage, customer expectations and busted pipes. 

Handling a Water Damage when it Happens

 When a major water damage occurs on a commercial property, property managers are immediately thrown into a washing machine of choices, estimates, promises and expectations that can be overwhelming for anyone. Maging tenants expectations, reporting the various losses to the insurance companies, meeting with adjusters, securing a reliable restoration company and assessing and fixing the original source of the damage are some of the many tasks facing them at break neck speeds. Flooring can beone of the many difficult things for them to solve in these scenarios based upon the fact that finding new flooring can be time consuming and costly to replace with labor prices, building materials and lost revenue.  

The Secret Sauce in Drying Hardwood Floors

 When a restoration company utlizes specialized equipment to extract the standing water from the floors of the individual apartments the job is not finished. Just becasue the floor seams dry it is not, there is still water trapped in the wood fibers of those floors and unless a professional removes that water properly those floors will bow and ruin over the next couple of day. Drying hardw2ood floors properly without causing secondary damage takes skill and patience. If the restoration process is delayed the result will be what we call crowning and cuppng of the wood floors. The floors can eventuall start warping and have a wave like appearance due to the presence of water in the fibers for too long. The opposite can happen if there is too much drying including splinting and cracking of the wood floors. How do you get it right? Call SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge at (225)753-4343. Our firm maintains tools in our arsenal like Injectidry systems that can measure exactly where the water is on the wood and remove it quickly and efficiently using the system as a "water vaccum" to remove the right amount of water from the right areas and then stopping when it is dried to the drying standard.  

Why is this System the Best Thing to Use For Wood Floors?

 The major advantage of the Injectidry System is its portability. All of the SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge Crew Chiefs have one of these systems inside their vehicles and are ready to deploy them instantly if the need arises. The Injectidry System is designed with a variety of modular and flexible pieces so that the system can be customized to the shape of any room or any floor and dried to the exact specifications of the drying standard. The capacity for the system is unlimited when it comes to drying wood floors in residential or commercial properties. Technicians also have the ability to utilize small format dehumidifiers and various designs of Air Movers to be placed beneath subfloors if possible to create a more drying specific matrix to ensure standards over a 3-5 day drying time.  

SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge helps Property Managers Save the Day

Property Managers who have worked with SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge in the past know that our teams are ready, willing and able to get the job done in a quick and professional manner by utilizing equipment that is precise and customizable for the job, even on tough to dry wood floors. If you have any questions about our services please give us a call at (225)753-3434 and we will send a Professional Technician to meet with you ASAP.  

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