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Water Causing Wood Rot in Home's Supporting Beam

12/13/2022 (Permalink)

Wood rot on a home's support beam. Even the largest pieces of inner-home support are susceptible to water damage.

Beams made of wood can last for decades while improving your home's aesthetic value. However, furniture and dwellings such as cupboards, patios, and beams need careful upkeep because they can get damaged by water.

Water damage can be a very costly and devastating event for any homeowner. Your home's structural integrity isn't the only thing that could be jeopardized by flooding; your furniture and valuables could also be severely damaged.

You'll find some vital information as you read on.

Why Does Wood Rot?

Wood rot is a type of decay caused by a combination of moisture and fungi. For fungi to grow, the wood must be constantly damp. Fungi don't thrive in dry environments. Up to 5 million fungi varieties exist in the soil and atmosphere, so you can't avoid them. Some are helpful, such as yeast and mushrooms, but there are also harmful varieties.

What Areas of My Home Are Vulnerable to Wood Rot Due to Water Damage?

Wood rot develops in moist areas, so a renovation project may reveal it. Water damage that causes wood rot is most likely to occur in the following locations:


A beam structure is used during construction to distribute weight evenly throughout a building's foundation, which unites the structure. Water damage, such as moisture from leaking pipes, can cause beams to rot. Unnatural holes, crumbling or spongy ends, and distorted shapes indicate rot in beams.


A number of materials, including wood, aluminum, vinyl, and clad, can be used to make windows. Modern windows are designed to be watertight, but even an improperly caulked small crack may allow water to pass through and cause the window to rot. In the absence of sunlight, especially for interior windows, the wood remains damp, creating ideal conditions for fungal growth.


Water can also accumulate on decking boards and stair treads. Water-resistant decking boards are not completely waterproof and will deteriorate over time. Painted balusters deteriorate quickly at the bottom because they are typically made of untreated wood and then coated to resist moisture. Fungi grow easily when water cannot evaporate from beneath the base of the baluster.

Exterior Doors

In the same way, that gaps around windows let moisture in and promote wood rot, so do gaps in the seal of a door (or its threshold). When homeowners replace an old door with a new one, they typically find rot beneath the frame. After the old frame has been dismantled, the deterioration of the wooden frame becomes evident.

Can Rotted Wood Be Treated or Repaired?

If rotted wood is discovered in time, it can be repaired. In extreme cases, rotted wood must be replaced immediately to prevent the damage from spreading.

However, your first course of action should be to address the source of the moisture and water damage. All of your efforts and expenses incurred on repairs will be wasted if this is not done. Contact a professional restoration company like SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge at (225) 753-3434 to fix the water damage. We have the experience and expertise needed to quickly and efficiently restore your home to its pre-damaged condition.

What to Do in the Event of Water Damage

Water damage can be devastating because it usually occurs unexpectedly. Apart from contacting a professional restoration company, you can do a few things while waiting for assistance.

  • Maintain your composure, as acting erratically may result in poor decisions.
  • If possible, locate and stop the water source.
  • Secure all valuables like credit cards, watches, antiques, drafts, digital diaries, jewelry, bank notes, etc.
  • Contact your insurance company.

If you discover water damage in your home, you must act swiftly. Professionals can handle water-damaged property restoration better. Contact SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge for assistance at (225)-753-3434. We have the knowledge and skills needed to restore your property.

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